Find a need and

Millions of families in India, Nepal and Bangladesh live each day concerned about the basics of survival, safety, health and the future. They worry about how they will:

Understanding people’s needs is the first step in determining ways to address them – one need at a time. The good news is that access to education, better healthcare and the ability to influence life decision can indeed transform lives for the better.

You have the power to change the reality for one child, one family and one community. Your generous giving to the can go a long way. This is how:

  • $20 buys new books for a school library.
  • $40 supports mothers with information about newborn care and maternal health.
  • $60 enables workshops to help prevent child marriage.
  • $100 helps schools build toilets to improve sanitation and encourage more girls to stay in school.

Your support matters to the children, families and communities whose needs are many and varied. Will you find a need and


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Donations over $2 to the Hope Campaign are tax deductible in Australia and will support the Meet-The-Need Fund, enabling Asian Aid to address the big issues impacting deserving children, women and communities in Asia. Asian Aid Organisation ABN 98 002 286 419.